Instructions for Presenters

Oral Presentation

For podium sessions, 20 minutes are allocated for presenting authors (speech of 15 minutes followed by a discussion of about 5 minutes). Please ensure that you keep to your allotted time frame. Please note that the official conference language is English. No translation will be provided.
It is recommended to use the available laptops in the lecture halls for your presentation (Microsoft Office 2015, Acrobat). However, the use of the own laptop is also possible (VGA interface).

Interactive Poster Presentation

An interactive poster presentation consists of a 3-minute oral presentation (max. 2 slides), which is directly followed by a poster exhibition during which the corresponding author stands near his/her poster and answers individual questions. The posters should be displayed during the entire symposium and should be accompanied by a photo of the corresponding author to allow interested audience to contact them for further discussions during the symposium.
Poster format is A0 portrait. Width x Height: 841 mm × 1189 mm that is 33.1 in × 46.8 in.